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Would you like the good news about your firm to be covered by the media? Would you like to boost your web PRESENCE? Let us help you send a media advisory or press release. It’s easy and FREE for a limited time.


  • Only Lawyers, Law Firms or their representatives can submit press releases or media advisories.
  • Advertising companies must be approved by the Lawyer or Law Firm to submit information for media releases on their behalf.
  • Third-party submissions need prior approval by Michigan Top Lawyers.
  • Content submitted will be reviewed and edited for style, format and appropriateness.
  • Michigan Top Lawyers’ staff must approve submissions before release.
  • Please allow at least five (5) business days for final release.

For more information, contact Michigan Top Lawyers at (248) 232-3378. Please do not call simply for a status of your request unless it has been more than five business days.

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