Employment 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Michigan Top Lawyers in Employment 2016 listed below.

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Full Name Firm Nmae Email Firm Phone Firm’s Website or Social Media
Sue Ellen Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates, P.C. see@seelawpc.com 2482585050 http://seelawpc.com
linda burwell National Employment Counsel linda@nationalemploymentcounsel.com 2487305583 http://www.nationalemploymentcounsel.com/
Sue Ellen Eisenberg Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates see@seelawpc.com 2482585050 http://www.seelawpc.com/
Jennifer Sabourin Miller Canfield sabourin@millercanfield.com 3139636420 https://www.millercanfield.com/
Patricia Nemeth Nemeth Law P. C. pnemeth@nemethlawpc.com 3135675921 www.nemethlawpc.com
Terry Bonnette Nemeth Law, P.C. tbonnette@nemethlawpc.com 3135675921 www.nemethlawpc.com
Kerry Cahill Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates, P.C. kkcahill@seelawpc.com 2482585050 www.seelawpc.com
Elisabeth Gusfa Sterling Attorneys at Law, PC egusfa@sterlingattorneys.com 2486441500 www.sterlingattorneys.com
Jeffrey Wilson Youn Basile wilson@youngbasile.com 2486493333 www.youngbasile.com
joel sklar law offices of joel b sklar tel@joelbsklarlaw.com 3139634529  
John Philo Sugar Law Center jphilo@sugarlaw.org    
Randal Cole Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC rrc@dmms.com    
Michelle Bayer Vezina Law mbayer@vezinalaw.com    
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