Intellectual Property 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Michigan Top Lawyers in Intellectual Property 2016 listed below.

Other Practice Areas
Full Name Firm Nmae Email Firm Phone Firm’s Website or Social Media
Timothy Murphy Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C. 2489888360
Ryan McCleary Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane P.C. 2482440130
David Atallah Carlson Gaskey Olds 2489888369
Lisa Panah Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti and Sherbook 3139657900
Paul Palinski The Dobrusin Law Firm 2482922920
Charles Bieneman Bejin Bieneman 3132440676
Avery Goldstein Blue Filament Law PLLC 2484305770
Michael Spink Brinks Gilson & Lione 7343026000
Steven Oberholtzer Brinks Gilson & Lione 7343026000
Wendy Buskop Buskop Law Group, PC 7132753400
George Moustakas Harness Dickey 2486411261
Samuel Haidle Howard & Howard 2487230334
Eric Dobrusin The Dobrusin Law Firm, P.C.
Catherine Dobrowitsky Rivenoak Law Group, PC 2486771045
Andrew Basile, Jr. Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane 2486493333
Rebecca Wilson The Dobrusin Law Firm, P.C.    
John Guenther Dykema    
John Guenther Dykema    
Kristen Pursley The Dobrusin Law Firm, P.C.    
William Gilbride Abbott Nicholson PC 3135662500  
Daniel Aleksynas Dobrusin law firm    
Erin Klug Varnum    
Erin Klug Varnum    
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