Face of Justice Program Introduces Students to Legal Profession

FaceofJusticeMentorswebThe second annual Face of Justice program introduced Lansing high school students to potential careers in the legal system on October 30 at the Hall of Justice in Lansing. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, State Bar of Michigan Commissioner and Ingham County Court Commissioner Shauna Dunnings, 29th Circuit Court Judge Michelle Rick, Michigan State Housing Development Authority staff attorney Kara Hart-Negrich, and SBM Director of Diversity and Inclusion Gregory Conyers kicked off the event with welcoming remarks.

A panel, including Judge Michelle Rick, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office General Counsel Kristina Robinson, Mt. Zion Church Associate Minister and law student Arturo Alfaro, and Michigan State Police Recruiting Coordinator Dwayne Gill, spoke to students about their experiences in the law. Students received a tour of the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center led by coordinator Rachael Drenovsky, a courtroom tour led by Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Amy Krause, and “jet mentoring” with attorneys and judges.

Face of Justice mentors included Arturo Alfaro, Steven Beatty, Gergory Conyers, Darin Day, Shauna Dunnings, Jessica Fox, Jaqueline Freeman, Dwayne Gill, Helen Haessly, Judge Andrea Larkin, Daniel Levy, Kara Hart-Negrich, Amanda Page, Judge Michelle Rick, Kristina Robinson, and Jennifer Rosa.


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