ICLE Michigan-Specific Limited Scope Training Free to All Michigan Attorneys

GettyImages-1062933252In partnership with the State Bar of Michigan Affordable Legal Services Committee, ICLE has produced a program made up of three on-demand seminars. Each on-demand seminar is designed to help Michigan lawyers become practice ready in limited scope matters, and includes learning objectives, a video recording, written materials, optional self-assessments, and an evaluation. A certificate of completion is available for each on-demand seminar:

Begin a Limited Scope Representation Practice (30 minutes)
Handle Complex Limited Scope Representation Issues (50 minutes)
Demonstration: Communicate with Limited Scope Representation Clients (15 minutes)

Before entering the ICLE store to access the on-demand seminars, watch a brief welcome message from Affordable Legal Services Committee Co-chair Thomas C. Rombach. Hear from Limited Scope Representation Education Chair Hon. Cylenthia L. Miller with closing remarks and a hearty thank you for your participation. Learn how the bench and court staff are eager to connect the public with your services.

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